Originally from Chile, Vruno will stay the summer of 2016 in Germany/Europe.
Sharing the stage usually with Nicola Cruz, Chancha via Circuito and Matanza, he treats a unique and revolutionary sound by mixing dub, folk, cumbia and house. In his live sets he combines forward going electronic elements with mystical and playful Latin American melodies, in which the flautas, charangos and drums stimulate the brain and inspire the soul to dream. You can smile, forget yourself and dance. He is also member of the Lotenheim family and will be an important part of the Festival Nomade showcases across Europe this summer.

See: www.facebook.com/VrunoOfficial
Hear: https://soundcloud.com/vruno-saldivar



Dikanda – Ederlezi (Nicola Noir Remix)

Rodrigo Gallardo – Mamayew

Blond_ish – Mayan Caravam (NU And LUM Mix)

KMLN – Walam (Original)

Munchi – Gracias

Thornato – Chapinero

El Buho – Pavonine Quetzal (Pharomachrus Pavoninus)

Vruno – Cama Berrachona

kurup – A Marcha Nativa dos Índios

Quiriris pigmalião – En El Camino Para Zaña

JAJA – Chan Chara

Bleepolar – Marimba

Shika Shika – Rumba Juankita

Vruno – Luz De Luna (Vinyl Edition)

Carrot Green – Cordamar

BirdzZie & Helena9999 – Tchori Tchori

Martina Camargo – La Pluma (Tambora)


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